C91 Roundup

Prepare yourself folks, because Comiket 91 is coming to town~. A new event is coming, another Roundup posts. Writing this is fun and interesting. This is the second time I wrote this, have some changes and still improving my English skills.

I noticed that there are some very potential albums. Yes, a very promising event for sure! After Comiket 90, I tried to listen to some other music circles like I mentioned in my C90 Roundup post. And I have found some circles that I think they will match my music taste, I will feature them in this post!

1) Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)


伝 -tsutae- (Communication)

After listening to the crossfade, the first thing I had on me was goosebumps. Good goosebumps. Yes, Merami gave me the chills just by singing the intro of “Illusory Manzaiku”. And also, I have said what I want to say in THIS POST!! Make sure to check it out!

Official site || XFD

2) Yonder Voice

Yonder Voice’s promotional album (白い海) and its full release (無名の楽園 〜 Piano Arrange Collection Vol.1)! In 無名の楽園, there are some piano arrangements of the previous songs (千ノ縁, Rosarium, Innocent Memory). Sen no Yukari Piano arrangement version, “Life’s worth living for those moments…”. And there is a new vocalist features in the album! I thought she was Anzu Sora at first, but it isn’t. Well, check out Yonder Voice’s site for more! Hopefully I can have the lyrics scans soon to translate…

Shiroi Umi: Official site || XFD (Shiroi Umi / No grave)
Piano Arrange Collection Vol 1: Offical Site || XFD




I started to notice this circle since Agony. I like how GCHM arrange music and the arrangements somehow absolutely fit with みぃ (Mie). Their release back in Kouroumu 12 was fantastic! Personal opinion, the crossfade for “Axelerator” is okay. But, I will wait for the final and full version.

Official site || XFD


-IZAYOI-? As expected from C90 after -KIRISAME-. I think there won’t be a Touhou Full Vocal Album (like -KAEI-, -ONI-, -KAN-, etc.) Three albums only but I might focus on TOHO PIANISM III more because I want to enjoy piano arrangements from SOUND HOLIC. I would still try to translate or transcribe -IZAYOI- or Mind Reverser. One more thing that SDHC didn’t release the crossfade. It’s hard for me to decide which album is good and match with me. Their official site hasn’t updated anything new, no tracklists for the three albums. So I will put the Twitter announcements for them here instead. If they have updated their site, I’ll also update mine.

十六夜 -IZAYOI- : Official Site || XFD
TOHO PIANISM III: Official Site || XFD
Mind Reserver: Official Site || XFD

5) Alstroemeria Records

Alstroemeria never lets their fans down. IGNITION DANCEHALL XFD is awesome! Beautiful Sky, Dream Again, Apparition Mountain, Score are my favorite tracks. Especially Dream Again, I love Camelia arrangements and Mei Ayakura’s voice a lot. They also release 2 other albums. LOUD SPEAKER XFD is good. ayame’s voice is unique. But like I mentioned, I prefer Mei more. Mei Ayakura’s Solo Album? Y E S! In SOL ET LUNA includes many of my favorite original tracks. I put all of my expectations for SOL ET LUNA.

SOL ET LUNA: Official Site || XFD
LOUD SPEAKER: Official Site || XFD

6) 彩音 ~xi-on~


-グルーヴィー・ムーン- (Groovy Moon)

I like this circle after watching minusT’s Humans vs Yukari video, he featured an arrangement from xi-on. I love that Necrofantasia arrangement a lot. So I decided to include them in my post. The new album is Jazz and LoLk. It’s cool and nice.

Official Site || XFD

7) 紺碧studio (Konpeki Studio)



I think Konpeki Studio is a new circle. They haven’t release many albums yet. I like how they release PVs before the full album is out. This time is ANSWER//TALKER. The song is good. Crossfade is okay too. Hopefully the full album is great as I expected.

Official Site || XFD || PV

8) AbsoЯute Zero


It’s kinda late for me to listen to AbsoЯute Zero. He also releases an PV for C91. I’m always looking for more Touhou male vocalists. And I think Rute’s voice matches my taste. After C91, I will listen to their previous albums and translate their songs.

Official Site || XFD || PV

9) Pizuya’s Cell (ぴずやの独房)

About アイロニー十八番茶, this is a piano arrangement album from Double Dealing Character and other minor tracks.

For 交錯ディストーション, there is a song that Merami is the guest vocal, プリズムライン. 歪曲収差パーソナリティ is my favorite track. And 普透明度 (Futoumeido) impressed me with her voice, it’s better with Pizuya’s arrangement. And once again, her illustration for the cover is perfect.

Irony Juuhachi Bancha: Official Site || XFD
Kousaku Distortion: Official Site || XFD

10) Yuuhei Satellite & Shoujo Fractal (幽閉サテライト & 少女フラクタル)

Yuuhei and Fractal’s albums back on Aki Reitaisai are good. This time, there are no crossfades for these two albums, but, I think they will soon upload it.

One more thing to say is, MyACG STUDIO collaborates with Yuuhei and Fractal in a doujin game. They have released two trailers for their game. You should check it out!

Shinrabansho ni Furete: Official Site || XFD
Rinne Shirazu no Ai: Official Site || XFD
永遠消失の幻想郷 (Eien Shoushitsu no Gensoukyou): Short ver. / Full ver.

11) BUTAOTOME (豚乙女)

Buta has 3 albums this time! First of all, Ranko no Ane’s illustration for “Lost Paradise” cover is on point! Last time, “FREAKS” gave me the chills too. On the other hand, the tracks in “FREAKS” didn’t really impress me. I like their other vocal albums more. Honestly I don’t like too many Hifuu arrangements in one album. This time is LoLK, IN and other tracks. RAKUEN, 未完の故 are the tracks I want to focus on. Hopefully this time I will fully enjoy “Lost Paradise”.

About Nekokenban 13, again piano arrangements from Paprika. Inspirations are taken from all over the world. This album would very interesting to enjoy. And about “BUTABEST 3 Oomori Challenge”, just an album includes Buta’s popular tracks.

Lost Paradise: Official Site || XFD
Touhou Nekokenban 13: Official Site || XFD
BUTABEST 3 Oomori Challenge: Official Site

12) Releska

The next album is from our dear friend and fellow translator – Releska! He is talented! I love his “Mastermind” album so much and waiting for him to release more. This time, he release 2 albums, “Side Effect” and “Welcome to the Satellite”. “Side Effect” is based on Old Adam tracks. “Welcome to the Satellite” is just a remix. Check out the crossfade and when C91 comes, remember to support him by buying his album on Bandcamp!

Welcome to the Satellite: Offical site || XFD
Side Effect: Official Site || XFD

13) EastNewSound


Ironic Relation (アイロニック・リレーション)

There is an Bichromatic Lotus Butterfly arrangement. There’s also a (____、__ノ_) format song. Like this and this song, you might want to check them on my page, they are in the index. Last time, the 滲色血界、月狂ノ獄 was kinda disappointed. I expected more from nayuta+黒鳥. This time, 陰翳観測、密室ノ独 is based on Patchouli’s theme. This time is 夕月椿+黒鳥, normally it would be nayuta will sing these type of songs. Hopefully it won’t let me down. I have my attention on “remind vista” and Shine of lie.

Official Site || XFD



memories Ⅱ

daydreaming is just awesome, “unchanging” has led me to them. So, I decided to follow this circle. I like the staff crew of ORANGE★JAM, they are unique and unlike other circles, they are all from different countries except Japan, which is very cool. I love Renko’s lyrics and voice as usual.

Official Site || XFD

15) FELT


Right at the moment I planned to exclude FELT, they release an album to pull me back. This is GOOD. Good arrangements, good vocalists. Vivienne’s voice in this album surprises me. I’ve never listened to her deep voice before, I thought it was Renko’s voice at first. Her English singing is gradually getting better. Maika’s voice is good as always. Up to now, I still don’t get used to Mika’s voice, that just my personal opinion.

Official Site || XFD


I’ll add ZYTOKINE in my post this time. I’ve known them for long but I don’t listen to them much. There’s many familiar original tracks to me. SYSTEMA SOLARE features an Okuu song and other final bosses (Kaguya and Shinmyoumaru). Mostly every Touhou characters I like are in this album. Both album crossfades are good. This is my first time listened to ZYTOKINE, hopefully, they will grow in me in the future.

46 CHORDER: Official Site || XFD
SYSTEMA SOLARE: Official Site || XFD



シークレットリンケージ-Secret Linkage-

I frequently listen to SYNC.ART’S music. I ran into this album’s announcement on Twitter and listened to their crossfade. It interests me. MIND READER and OPEN MY EYES are good. Nothing to say much, I wait for the full album.

Official Site || XFD

18) TAMAONSEN (魂音泉)

STELLA was great. Until now, I still like Bass Killed Box. It’s very rare to see TAMAONSEN arrange orchestral music. Now, there is a full album for this.

For STILLING, I noticed テウルギスト, features the duet that performed Bass Killed Box – ytr、抹. They are awesome I must say. There is a female vocalist sings for this album. I don’t know her, but her voice is unique. Two Broken Moon tracks? Okay, I must fully enjoy this album. Also, the STILLING crossfade is good.

STILLING: Official Site || XFD
Sora Orchestral: Official Site || XFD

19) 東方PARTYBOX 03



I usually call this “The All-Stars Album”, because it features many circles I know. No Liz Triangle this time, but we have Shinra-Bansho. PartyBox 02 was great, I listened to many songs in it and love it. And I’m lucky enough to translate some songs in there. Hopefully, so does this time.

Official Site || XFD (Disc 1 2 3)

20) 暁Records (Akatsuki Records)

Finally, the missing piece of my roundup post is here. Finally, Akatsuki have released their XFDs, their albums announcement. It is so worth the wait!
GIRLS ALBUM -ONE- features guest vocals (ななひら (Nanahira), cheluce , 謎の人物K  (Nazo no Jinbutsu), MAMI, あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu), 茶太 (Chata) and めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)). I don’t know if Akatsuki have done this in the past, GIRLS ALBUM -ONE- is a pretty unique album. It somehow “tests” the other vocalists to sing with ACTRock’s arrangements. I have listened to cheluce, Nazo no Jinbutsu in First Memory x Next Memory before and personally, their voice are good. For Merami in ココロコイシ – Eyes-, I’m not a big fan of her “kawaii” voice, I prefer she sings in the low tone more. Nanahira? I’d love to see her features in other cirlces, her voice in the ワガママ ONE DAY!, just doesn’t match me. In this album, I will have my attention on 月下の幻 (Gekka no Maboroshi), リグレッション メモリー (Regression Memory)

On the other hand, KilLove Fireproof is an album fully features Stack. Before C91, she has announced that she would arrange some tracks. Again, a wonderful PV to features the first track of the album ” KilLove Fireproof”. It features Kaguya and Mokou – one of my favorite couples in Touhou (there’s Kagome Kagome arrangement in the song too!). My favorite tracks for this album so far are KilLove Fireproof (of course), DANGO ON FIRE, 死んだバラと悪魔のはなし (Shinda Bara to akuma no Hanashi), 雨の日に (Ame no Hi ni). Last words, remember to check out the awesome PV!

KilLove Fireproof: Official Site || XFD || PV
GIRLS ALBUM -ONE-: Official Site || XFD || PV (ココロコイシ – Eyes-)

This event is going to be epic and memorable –  a good occasion to end 2016!

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