Why, Hello There (again)!


Illust: はなだひょう(ホシニセ)

It has been a while, hasn’t it?
I hope you have been doing well during these times. Indeed, that pandemic caused us many troubles.

So, I will have some spoken thoughts down here. Bear with me if you could, hopefully, it wouldn’t be long.

I have been “visiting some fandoms.” Not much, only Genshin Impact, Hololive, and Vtubers in general. Genshin is a great game, but not its creators. I don’t like how they distribute gacha currency. Too selfish, yikes. But its recent contents, “Enkanomiya” bears the theme of “artificial sun in the abyss.” To put it into more familiar terms, it would be “subterranean sun.” And you know who owns that title in Touhou. Its OST with strings and piano arrangements, somewhat reminds me of RD too, yeah. For Vtuber, I prefer Nijisanji EN. More language-friendly and engaging. After Kiryuu Coco left, my enthusiasm for Hololive died down drastically.

With the release of Touhou 18 (holy, eighteen, can’t believe it), I found myself falling behind with the new characters, themes, and storyline. At first, I didn’t think of “going back” and thought that I’d rather stay in Touhou “prime time.” That “prime time” would be Windows 1-3, up to Touhou 15. My favorite characters aka “waifu” characters remain the same through out 4-5 year-ish? Still Utsuho, Hecatia, and Seiga. My beloved.

Visiting this page with the drafts I never published, it is like cleaning a library covered with spider webs. I miss those times with friends all over the world, messaging them to ask them for translation and lyrics scans. Good times. On the other hand, some of Touhou channels reuploading songs got copyright striked due to some cirlces decided to put their works on digital platforms. It’s sad to see them gone but now we can support them in a legal way. So, two sides of a coin, I guess.

I have translated most of the Who’s Who Human and Youkai of Gensokyo articles but never posted them. I think, it would be a waste to not public. The lastest album from RD, △ -tetra-, caught my attention with great tracks. I like how RD builds and interpret Hifuu Club concepts. I would never forget what happens in -utsutsu-.

For this re-opening, unless something caught my attention or I’m open for Vietnamese song requests, I would mainly focus on RD-Sounds’ works and Who’s Who Human and Youkai of Gensokyo articles ONLY. I have to limit myself as I still have massive workload at school and need rest for myself. Having this as a benefical hobby once again is to distract me from playing too many games. Besides, the articles are now compiled quite a lot to have its own book. That would take a lot of my time on this page.

I miss the old editor on WordPress. The new block editor sucks. Really. It might take a while for me to finally get accustomed to all these new visuals and codes. With that, some presentations might change, but not that drastically. It also depends on how I get familiar with new things.

I will still operate this blog single-handedly. Most of these random thoughts would be informal and somewhat personal. I will use Vietnamese or English depends on when I feel like it. This blog has now shrunk down to something even more “personal.” All of this, I do it for myself and for the ones who still love Touhou and a residence of Gensokyo.

If you read until here, thank you for your patience and time. Stay safe wherever you are.

See you on the next post.
Yours truly,
Petalite Yuu.

P/s: I made the decision of “reviving” while I’m in my history class. LOL.

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