C94 Roundup

Comiket 94 will be held from August 10th to 12th, 2018. The first day is dedicated for Touhou only.

Another event has come! The crossfades really bring a lot of surprises. Based on what I found, there are many new circles with interesting works. Some circles have their debut in this event. There are some comebacks as well!

Things go differently in this time roundup post. I won’t be specifically comment in every album because I’m overloaded with real life events. I don’t want the post to be too short, so I make a table contains some albums I found and enjoyed listening to their crossfades. You could go explore to yourself and have your own thoughts about them. I actually want to write them all like I did in the previous post, but my real life doesn’t allow them. I’m really sorry about that. I don’t know if I should go with this way in the upcoming post. Please send me feedbacks about this.

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RTS15 Roundup

Reitaisai 15 will be held on May 6th, 2018.

Comiket 93 works turn out unexpectedly good. But sadly I didn’t have much time to get on with the translations due to real life events. Hopefully, I can do something with this event.

First things first. RD will NOT release an album in this event. He has officially tweeted it on his Twitter. That’s quite sad but I heard that RD has been working very hard in his real life job. Let’s just hope for the best in C94. And… things are different in this time. We have collaborations between circles! That’s something I have been expecting for a long time.

And, I’ll keep this post shorter than the last ones I’ve done.

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C93 Roundup

Comiket 93 will be held from December 29th to 31st, 2017. The first day is dedicated for Touhou only.

On November 2nd, circles had announced their stalls in the event, which is very early. A Touhou event at the end of the year is always something. There are many surprising elements, let’s get that right. At first, we’ll see the quantities – the number of albums released. I think the quality is there too. It’s exciting, a different excitement from the Summer Comiket (I think it’s because it’s almost time for New Year and the festive season, lol). C92 is not big like this C93, as you can tell based on the number of CDs released this time. But, thanks to C92, I have shaped my music taste clearer gradually changed some.

In this event, you can expect to have many arrangements from Touhou 16 ~ Hidden Stars in Four Seasons. I only played the demo once back then, so I don’t have any particular favorite themes. But over the process of writing this post, some of them have grown on me.

This Roundup post features some albums I’d like to hear and discover so all comments here are my personal thoughts. Everybody has the right to have opinions, doesn’t it? Also, my English still needs refinements and I’ll try to improve. If you found any grammatical mistakes or some lines I haven’t deleted due to my lack of proofreading, please tell me in the comments below. That’d be very helpful!

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C92 Roundup

Comiket 92 will be held from August 11th to 13th, 2017. The first day is dedicated for Touhou only.
It’s been a year since my first ever roundup post! It’s so nostalgic. I don’t know what to write or have any thoughts about these doujin works back then. After a year, I’ve gained some experiences for myself~
I’ve been so unproductive during Reitaisai 14. It’s a good event with high quality music anyway, but the number of my translations doesn’t increase much. This event, I’ll compensate for my laziness.
Summer Comiket is the best event in the year! In this post I might introduce works besides music. It’s the grand event of the year so I’ve tried to make things a little bit different and unique.
I chose to write this post very quite long. You could say I’m mostly ‘rambling’.
I might go off-topic somewhere in this post. Please try to stick with it because I’m hyped up!

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RTS14 Roundup

Reitaisai 14 will be held on May 5th,2017
My break didn’t turn out well. I said I want to take a break. Actually, I still worked like a maniac.
Reitaisai has come? Time does fly. It feels like Comiket 91 was just yesterday. For me, Comiket 91 wasn’t as good as I expected. C90 was still better. I like RTS more because it’s an only-Touhou event. We could get more Touhou stuff. My first event with Touhou was RTS13 which is last year. That was the time when I had a clearer look about doujin music circles. Now, it’s already RTS14.
Another Roundup post. A lot of things I’d like to talk and discuss about. This year also celebrates the 10th anniversary of Subterranean Animism. Works related to SA have been announced. SA is my favorite Touhou game. In addition, this event, ZUN will release the demo for Touhou 15.5 AND Touhou 16. I might pay more attention and expectation to RTS14.
I’m adding the “Highlighted track(s)”. The songs are mentioned in this section are just my personal favorite songs in the album and songs I want to translate if I had the chance to get or somehow have the booklets/scans.

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C91 Roundup

Prepare yourself folks, because Comiket 91 is coming to town~. A new event is coming, another Roundup posts. Writing this is fun and interesting. This is the second time I wrote this, have some changes and still improving my English skills.

I noticed that there are some very potential albums. Yes, a very promising event for sure! After Comiket 90, I tried to listen to some other music circles like I mentioned in my C90 Roundup post. And I have found some circles that I think they will match my music taste, I will feature them in this post!

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C90 Roundup

This is my first time writing something like this. I’ve been following the music circles and see they have released (or promote or what you guys would call) their music albums for this Comiket 90. Sad truth that I would back to school on August 13th aka Comiket day. ( I want to join the livestream like what I did in RTS13 ;;;__;;;) Here are some albums that I’m looking forward to listening to. I mostly listen to “basic circles” (circles which I first know when I got into Touhou).  If you still have other albums you want to recommend, please do so! I need to listen to new circles ;;v;;. And… if you noticed any English mistakes… just tell me… Continue reading