RTS14 Roundup

Reitaisai 14 will be held on May 5th,2017
My break didn’t turn out well. I said I want to take a break. Actually, I still worked like a maniac.
Reitaisai has come? Time does fly. It feels like Comiket 91 was just yesterday. For me, Comiket 91 wasn’t as good as I expected. C90 was still better. I like RTS more because it’s an only-Touhou event. We could get more Touhou stuff. My first event with Touhou was RTS13 which is last year. That was the time when I had a clearer look about doujin music circles. Now, it’s already RTS14.
Another Roundup post. A lot of things I’d like to talk and discuss about. This year also celebrates the 10th anniversary of Subterranean Animism. Works related to SA have been announced. SA is my favorite Touhou game. In addition, this event, ZUN will release the demo for Touhou 15.5 AND Touhou 16. I might pay more attention and expectation to RTS14.
I’m adding the “Highlighted track(s)”. The songs are mentioned in this section are just my personal favorite songs in the album and songs I want to translate if I had the chance to get or somehow have the booklets/scans.

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パラノイア || 東方事変

パラノイア || Paranoia
Album: 限界パラドックス (Genkai Paradox)
Circle: 東方事変 (Touhou Jihen)
Arrangement: ???
Lyrics: ???
Vocal: IZNA
Original title: ネクロファンタジア
(Necrofantasia [Yukari Yakumo’s Theme])
Source: 東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom
(Touhou Youyoumu ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom)
Event: Comiket 91
English Translation: Pending…

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