A Random Float

This post comes out of the ordinary, doesn’t it?

This idea started last year, about September or October. I did give a hint about this on my Twitter. https://twitter.com/petayuuchan/status/1066713305970958336

I applied for a college in the US. I chose Theatre Arts and Dance as my majors. And yes, I pursue double-major. Studying abroad is a chance to meet new people. New talented people. Not only that, the application progress was very tough. Like, you versus the whole world for a spot in a US college. After taking web researches, I found that apply for the Dance department required a dance portfolio.

So, this video is a part of it. (Somehow, WordPress doesn’t allow me to directly post this in the media section.)

“Kuu” in the video is just my other nickname in real life. However, it sounds like “Okuu”. And there, you could see my real face in this video.

Special thanks to Karen for supporting this work of mine!

I love doujin music in general and always find ways to fully make good use of it. So, using doujin songs to create dance moves is my new way of approach and promote the works. I hope this is a good way to do it. I’m not a professional dancer, but I want to pursue dancing anyways.

This is my first ever self-choreographed video. But hey, there will be a first time for anything! It’s not so perfect. So, I hope you enjoy this work of mine. Personally, I’m hoping to do more of these works because the progress of making this is really fun.


I have to say something about my long hiatus.
I have been preparing myself for moving to the US for college. There is a lot of things to take care of, especially myself. Running this page is fun. I get to know a lot of people and learn many things. In the past few months, I have to apply for college, take the graduation exam, deal with personal problems, etc. Honestly, I miss the time I do the Roundup posts and translating RD-related works. However, these days, the new doujin stuff somehow doesn’t grow on me. But that doesn’t mean I will stop this page.

I know, I have made many “promises” to have a comeback or post daily like I used to do. So this time, I don’t want to promise anything. It just puts more pressure on me about running this page on a daily basis. Meanwhile, this is my hobby to do. There are some works I want to continue. Let’s just see if I ever arrange my time to keep on. I’ll try my best!

I will keep running “Petalite Yuu” no matter what. Thank you for reading this post so far. I am grateful for all of your support for the past years.

For now, see you next phantasm!