Event Index

This index features:
– Album Announcements from 凋叶棕: Posts with translated message and tracklist from 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong)’s official site, with my comments and thoughts about it.
– Roundup posts: Articles introducing music albums and other doujin products released in a specific event.

Year Event Album Announcements from 凋叶棕 Roundup Posts
2016 Comiket 90 Available Available
Comiket 91 Available Available
2017 Reitaisai 14 Available Available
Comiket 92 Available Available
Comiket 93 Available Available
2018 Reitaisai 15 N/A Available
Comiket 94 Available N/A
Comiket 95 Not yet released Not yet released