Diao ye zong’s album for Comiket 95 announcement!

*defrost myself*
I’ve got some time to do this as always. Let’s begin, shall we?

Source: http://www.rd-sounds.com/c95.html






Title: 娶 -metori- (Marriage)
This is a Touhou multi-genre arrangement album brought to you by Diao ye zong.
The theme is “Various Marital-Related Talks”. We paint the relationship between “human” and “youkai”!
Arrangements include Rock, Pop, Japanese Folk Motifs at its center. Overall, this album would bring heavy and ominous vibe!
13 songs in total. Even so, you’ve already known it!

Tựa đề: 娶 -metori- (Thú/Nên duyên)
Diao ye zong xin gửi đến các bạn, một album gồm nhiều bản arrangement đến từ Touhou.
Chủ đề là “cuộc đàm thoại về chuyện đám cưới”. Chúng ta vẽ ra mối quan hệ giữa “con người” và “yêu quái”!
Các bài hát tập trung vào thể loại Rock, Pop, mô-típ nhạc truyền thống Nhật Bản. Nhìn tổng thể thì nhạc sẽ hơi nặng nề và buồn buồn một chút đó!
Tất cả là 13 bài hát. Dù gì đi nữa, thì bạn cũng đã biết rồi đấy!



1. 祝言
…童祭 ~ Innocent Treasures

Hôn lễ
Kid’s Festival ~ Innocent Treasures
Chorus: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)

2. あの日のサネカズラ
…今昔幻想郷 ~ Flower Land

Ano Hi no Sanekazura
Scarlet Kadsura of That Day
Điểm nắng của Ngày hôm đó
Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land
Vocal:めらみぽっぷ Lyrics:RD-Sounds

3. ??の花嫁

?? no Hanayome
The Bride of ??
Cô dâu của ??
Heian Alien

4. 伴に歩くその心

Tomo ni Aruku Sono Kokoro
The Heart That Walks With Accompanying
Trái tim bước đi cùng sự đồng hành
Original title: A Flower-Studded Sake Dish on Mt. Ooe
Vocal: ランコ
Lyrics: RD-Sounds

5. ミノキチグリーフシンドローム

Minokichi Grief Syndrome
Căn bệnh đau buồn của Minokichi
Original title: Crystallized Silver

6. meaning of life
…封じられた妖怪 ~ Lost Place
Vocal:めらみぽっぷ Lyrics:RD-Sounds

ý nghĩa của sự sống
Original title: The Sealed-Away Youkai ~ Lost Place
Vocal:めらみぽっぷ Lyrics:RD-Sounds

7. モノガタリの裏側

Monogatari no Uragawa
The Other Side of A Story
Mặt sau câu chuyện
Original title: Necrofantasia

8. [SiO2]の瞳

[SiO2] no Hitomi
The Eyes of [SiO2]
Đôi mắt của [SiO2]
Original title: Satellite Café Terrace
Vocal:nayuta Lyrics:RD-Sounds

9. T/A/B/O/O

Original title: Deep-Mountain Encounter
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Lyrics: RD-Sounds

10. 創られゆく歴史

Tsukurare yuku Rekishi
History Being Created
Kiến tạo Lịch sử
Original title: Plain Asia

11. 蛙姫

Kawazu Hime
Frog Princess
Công chúa Ếch
Original title: Tomorrow Will Be Special, Yesterday Was Not
Vocal:めらみぽっぷ  Lyrics:RD-Sounds

12. 鳥よ
…風神少女/風の循環 ~ Wind Tour

Tori yo
O Birds!
Chim hỡi!
Original titles: Wind God Girl & Wind Circulation ~ Wind Tour
Vocal: nayuta
Lyrics: RD-Sounds

13. 東方人妖小町

Touhou Ninyou Komachi
Eastern Human-Youkai Beauty
Vẻ đẹp Nhân Yêu phương Đông
Original title: Eastern Youkai Beauty
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Lyrics: RD-Sounds

“Heavy” album indeed. Just look at the number of tracks! The theme is “wedding” with “human and youkai relationship”. Based on the cover, I could hardly guess who that is.

The first thing comes to me when looking at the tracklist is its structure. It has an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, almost like a passage, or in this case it is a wedding.
This album starts with a chorus from Merami. It directly lets us know that the “wedding” theme would travel the whole tracklist.
The second track, “Ano Hi no Sanekazura”. Sanekazura is a type of Japanese plant. After looking for information, I don’t see this plant relates to the wedding traditions.
To be honest, I prefer the instrumental tracks in this album more. It’s better than -tsutae- undoubtedly. Minokichi Grief Syndrome so far is my favorite.
Ranko finally returns after -tsudzuri-. It’s been 7 years. Since -tsudzuri-, I always think Ranko is a valuable candidate for oni songs. Just check out Uso to Doukoku, she nailed it good so I believe she won’t let us down this time.
[SiO2] no Hitomi is based on Satellite Café Terrance from Hifuu Series. I don’t think Hifuu would play a major role unless RD wants to. Or maybe this track represents the “human”? The part that RD uses “SiO2”, a chemical compound in the title, I think it means more than just “SiO2”. We might know when the full thing is out.
meaning of life is a good one also, so does T/A/B/O/O – a HSFiS arrangement. They bring the usual RD’s vibe to it.
For me, the main star of this album has to be Kawazu Hime! RD is excellent at arranging Suwako songs. I suggest Tatarigami and Kamiasobi no Uta for you to see how good RD portraits Suwako’s divinity.
The last two tracks are just fine. If you notice the title of the last track, “東方人妖小町”, you would find it similar to the original title, “東方妖怪小町”. RD changes “youkai” into “ninyou”. This track plays as the conclusion to this album and with that title, I think the context will have something to it.

In conclusion, RD might use the wedding theme to draw the relationship of human and youkai. That’s just my blind guess but I highly think it would be it. When I looked at the album cover, my instict said I have to fall for it deeply. At first, I somehow doubt it would be a dark concept album. Heavy in concept, the number of tracklist and the layers of meaning. So I have to purchase it eventually.

Please keep in mind that the title translations are just temporary. You can find a better translation of the description here.

Additionally, I want to update something. Currently, I almost finish with my finals and luckily I will post more frequently after my tests. However, I’m considering writing the Roundup Post. In the past few months, I rarely checked out C94 music goodies so I could hardly comment on them or give any evaluations. I might spend time to think more about that. But so far, things have been good for me so I’ll have a comeback soon.

Thank you!

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