Diao ye zong’s album for Comiket 94 announcement!

Today is June 8th and I’m posting this announcement.






This is a Touhou multi-genre arrangement album brought to you by Diao ye zong.
The theme is ‘reversal’! From the earth to the sky. And, from the sky to the earth.
Send them all in nine songs, reverse the hierarchy​, also the shocking stories!

Diao ye zong xin gửi đến các bạn, một album gồm nhiều bản arrangement đến từ Touhou.
Chủ đề lần này là ‘sự đảo ngược’! Từ cõi đất lên đến bầu trời. Và từ bầu trời xuống cõi đất!
Gửi gắm tất cả trong chín bài hát. Đảo ngược mọi trật tự, và những câu chuyện đầy bất ngờ!

Songs of ‘Reversal’
Những bản nhạc “đảo ngược”

1. Uprising Ideology

Lí tưởng đi lên
Original title: Reverse Ideology
Vocal:めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)


2. ノーモア、エニモア?モアーモア?!
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Lyrics: RD-Sounds

No more, anymore? More more?!
Hết rồi, không còn nữa? Thêm nữa, thêm nữa đi?!
Original title: Eternal Shrine Maiden
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds

3. ヘクセン・タンツは斯くの如くに
…魔女たちの舞踏会 ~ Magus

Hekusen Tantsu wa Kaku no Gotoku ni
Hexentanz Goes Just Like This
Hexentanz là như thế này
The Witches’ Ball ~ Magus

4. 至天

To the Heavens
Đến Thiên đường
Original title: Crazy Back-up Dancers
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop), nayuta
Lyrics: RD-Sounds

5. Revoke
秘神マターラ ~ Hidden Star in All Seasons.

Thu hồi
Original title: Secret God Matara ~ Hidden Star in All Seasons.

6. 異聞『正義の味方』
…輝く針の小人族 ~ Little Princess

Ibun “Seigi no Mikata”
A Strange Tale “Hero of Justice”
Dị Văn “Người hùng của công lí”
Original title: Inchlings of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess
Vocal:めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics:とものは (Tomonoha)

7. 交響詩「魔帝」より Ⅱ.神話幻想
…神話幻想 ~ Infinite Being

Kokyoushi ‘Matei’ yori II. Shinwa Gensou
Symphonic Poem “Demon Creator” from II. Legendary Illusion
Bài thơ giao hưởng “Ma Đế” từ II. Thần thoại Ảo tưởng
Original title: Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being

8. アノインシスター
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Lyrics: RD-Sounds

Annoying Sister
Người chị phiền toái
Original title: Hartmann’s Youkai Girl
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds

9. Enslaved

Kẻ bị cầm tù
Original title: Old Yuanxian

10. 語九十九節

Kataru Tsukumo Bushi
Tsukumo Melody Tale
Kể câu chuyện của Tsukumo

 Original title: Illusionary Joururi
Vocal:めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop), nayuta


11. Downfalling Ideology

Lí tưởng đi lùi
Original title: Reverse Ideology
Vocal:めらみぽっぷ  (Meramipop)

Today, circles announce their locations in C94. And surprisingly, RD announces his new album too!
The album illustrator is not Hanada Hyou… とってつき is in charge of the artwork this style. If I don’t look at the credits, I wouldn’t know that a different illustrator drawn it. The artstyles are quite similar.

Most Crazy Backup Dancers arrangements are cheerful, rush and always give the vibe that Satono and Mai is putting up a show. So does 至天. A duet from Merami and nayuta~. And if you listen carefully to the demo, you could notice those Merami’s high notes. nayuta and Merami both have the ability to be ‘lunatic’ in some RD songs. I mean, they express the craziness very good.
For, ノーモア、エニモア?モアーモア?!, although that is a Reimu song but I have the feeling when listening to other Marisa songs… I don’t know why. The title seems intense.
異聞『正義の味方』 is probably taken from sasage’s 輝針 「セイギノミカタ」. This might be an “alternate” version. We have a new lyricist here, とものは. Based on the crossfade, the lyrics still have some parts from セイギノミカタ. So far, I still prefer the old version in sasage more. But let see, maybe the new lyrics would have something for us to pay attention to.
An orchestral track, 交響詩「魔帝」より Ⅱ.神話幻想. You could easily guess the genre from the title. I usually don’t listen to the instrumental track, but I’m loving this one. When I first read the title, I was hoping it would be a storytelling track or something like that. Too bad it only stops at a regular arrangement.
アノインシスター is actually a very good one. Koishi tracks from RD always have something “fishy”… I think this time won’t be an exception. The tunes in the song are pretty cheerful and ‘bright’. But, we’ll never know. Meramipop’s voice is adorable~. “Onee-chan~~~”
Enslaved, based on Seiga’s theme. Sign me in.
語九十九節 reminds me of 狂言「九十九星降」 from tsutae. That’s just me. The contents may be unrelated. Folk-ish arrangements. Duets from nayuta and Merami. Really, really reminds me of -tsutae-.

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