Diao ye zong’s album for Comiket 93 announcement!

Ten years. Quite fast, isn’t it?

Source: http://www.rd-sounds.com/c93.html






「象徴、そして  」をテーマに、祀られる、十年来のおもい。そして
全八曲。あなたの  も、私の  も、祀られる。

Title: 祀 -matsuri- (Worship)
This is a Touhou multi-genre arrangement album brought to you by Diao ye zong.
The main theme is “Symbols and then ”. We’re worshiping the feelings from 10 years ago, and then…
Eight songs in total. Your and my  will be worshipped.

Tựa: 祀 -matsuri- (Tự [Tôn thờ])
Diao ye zong xin gửi đến các bạn, một album gồm nhiều bản arrangement đến từ Touhou.
Chủ đề chính lần này là “biểu tượng và rồi…”. Chúng ta đã tôn kính những tâm tư này được 10 năm rồi. Và…
Tẩt cả tám bài hát.   của cậu và    của tôi sẽ được tôn thờ.


“Worship” songs
Những khúc nhạc “Thờ phụng”

8.幻想浪漫綺行(is the limit.)
少女綺想曲 ~ Dream Battle

Gensou Roman Kikou(is the limit.)
Illusionary Romantic Beautiful Journey(is the limit.)
Chuyến hành trình mộng tưởng lãng mạn đẹp đẽ(chính là giới hạn.)
Original title: The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky
Original title: Maiden’s Capriccio ~ Dream Battle
Vocal: Meramipop
Lyrics: RD-Sounds


…ティアオイエツォン(withered leaf)

Sora e to Tsudzuku Michi
The Road heads to the Sky
Con đường trải rộng đến bầu trời
Original title: Diao Ye Zong



Ansoruvudo Soosarii
Answered Sorcery
Ma pháp được lí giải
Original title: Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17


…今昔幻想郷 ~ Flower Land

Ima nao Utsukushiki Kono Sekai
Even now, this world is beautiful
Dẫu bây giờ, thế giới có đẹp đẽ đi chăng nữa
Original title: Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land


4.Your story, your story

Câu chuyện của cậu, của cậu
Original title: Japanese Saga



Kaisuu (0/1) Zouka (0/2) Jigoku (0/3) Hen (0 / 99)
Frequency (0/1) Increase (0/2) Hell (0/3) Change (0/99)
Số lượt (0/1) Tăng dần (0/2) Địa ngục (0/3) Biến đổi (0/99)
Original title: Crazy Backup Dancers


…竹取飛翔 ~ Lunatic Princess

Eien naru Saundosukeepu
An Eternal Soundscape
Hỗn âm bất tận
Original title: Flight in the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess



Gensou Pinappu
Illusory Pin-up
Bức vẽ Mộng tưởng
Original title: Newshound

Ten years ago marked the release of RD’s first album 祭 -matsuri- (Festival) in C73. This album’s title is a word play on 祭.

Eight tracks with only one vocal track, 幻想浪漫綺行. I wonder why the remix is called (is the limit.). What is the limit?
RD went with 8-bit style in 幻想ピンナップ. I’m not fond of 8-bit but the piano arrangement is great.

永遠なるサウンドスケープ is my personal favorite. I can’t hate that folk touch in the song. (As you might notice, RD credited this song as Lunartic Princess, lol).

There’s a Touhou 16 arrangement track based on Satono and Mai’s theme. Well, I forgot to mention that there’d be a lot of HSiFS arrangements in the upcoming C93. I’m not so sure what concept RD is putting for the “crazy back-up dancers”. Would they appear or play any role in RD’s storyline in the future? (The title I translated is literally based on the kanji in the title, I haven’t connected them to have a certain meaning)

The next four tracks are good and convicing. Japanese Saga, Flower Land and Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17 are in my favorite themes. 空へと続く道 features diao ye zong arrangement. And I honestly love this song title, “Road to the Sky”.

The crossfade leaves me with many questions and I haven’t found the right answers for them. Or maybe I’ve just given myself a lot of rhetorical questions, lol. The album only costs you 500 yen. The tracks are convicing, as I said before. I really looking forward to the full release!

_ _ _ _ _

Well, whose hand is below Akyuu’s hand?
Who is the mysterious person on the right of the illustration?
Where is the title of the album?
Why does it not appear on the jacket?


Source: http://www.rd-sounds.com/c113.html

「 」曲目
“ ” songs
Khúc nhạc “ ”


Matsuri Matsurare
Worship the Festival
Tôn kính Lễ hội
Original title: Theme of Eastern Story
Vocal: Meramipop
Lyrics: RD-Sounds

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