Diao ye zong’s album for Comiket 92 Announcement!

I have a lot of speculations for this album. Let’s have a look at the tracklist first and then you might understand what I’m trying to say.
Source: http://www.rd-sounds.com/c92.html






This is a Touhou multi-genre arrangement album brought to you by Diao ye zong.
The main theme is ‘oblivion,’ The Illusory Maidens will pick up their forgotten sound.
Twelve songs in total. What is there, are only pieces of sound.

Diao ye zong xin gửi đến các bạn, một album gồm nhiều bản arrangement đến từ Touhou.
Chủ đề là “sự lãng quên”. Những Huyễn Tưởng Thiếu Nữ sẽ gom nhặt những thanh âm lãng quên.
Tất cả mười hai bài hát. Còn lại ở đấy, chỉ còn mảnh vỡ của âm thanh…


List of “Sounds”
Danh sách “Thanh âm”


Ushinawareshi Kioku
Lost Memory
Kí ức Thất Lạc
Original title: Child of Are



Utakata no Ningyo
Transient Mermaid
Giọt phù du của Nhân ngư
Original title: Misty Lake
Original title: Mermaid from the Uncharted Land



Imperfect Maid
Hầu nữ Không hoản hảo
Original title: Flowering Night


…the Grimoire of Alice

Arisu no Wasure Mono
Thing that Alice Lost
Thứ mà Alice đã đánh mất
Original title: the Grimoire of Alice


5.Spirited Away
…ラストオカルティズム ~ 現し世の秘術師

Vùng đất Linh hồn
Original title: Last Occultism ~ Esotericist of the Present World



Nagaki Yume no Hate
At the End of A Long Dream
Ở tận cùng của giấc mơ dài

Original title: Omiwa Legend


7.NO buts.
…眠れる恐怖 ~ Sleeping Terror

KHÔNG nhưng nhị gì cả.
Original title: Sleeping Terror


8.curse upon me!

nguyền rủa tôi đi!
Original title: Love-colored Magic


…東方妖恋談/二色蓮花蝶 ~ Red and White

ló dạng
Original title: Eastern Mystical Love Consultation
Original title: Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Red and White



Outo, Mata.
Vomitting, Again.
Nôn mửa, lại nữa rồi…
Original title: Rigid Paradise


…綿月のスペルカード ~ Lunatic Blue

Morose Philosophy
Triết học U ám
Original title: Watatsuki’s Spell Card ~ Lunatic Blue


Vocal:めらみぽっぷ Lyrics:RD-Sounds

Wasuraruru Monogatari
Forgotten Tale
Câu chuyện bị lãng quên
Original title: Japanese Saga

I knew this event would be something related to 夢 -utsutsu-. The title is pronounced differently from the Kanji. A similarity to last year, right? We have Wakasagihime, Sakuya, Alice, Futo, Marisa, Reimu, Yoshika, Watatsuki no Yorihime, Akyuu and especially Sumireko! I’m thinking this album maybe is the continuation of 夢 -utsutsu-. Well, this is just my opinion. More tracks from nayuta! 3 tracks! As I notice, the length of the full crossfade is 12:34

Currently I haven’t thought of any scenarios for Wakasagihime. About her song title, 唄 is read as uta and 片 is read as kata. Put it together we have ‘utakata’ which is as same as 泡沫 (bubbles/transiency). Another pun for the title is 唄方 (also pronounce as utakata). 唄方 is a singer in a nagauta performance. Nagauta is related to noh plays. Noh performances are the concepts RD used for C91 album -tsutae-… It’s pretty complicated but I think it’s better to see the whole release. The music is good actually.

At first, I thought Alice’s track was the next part of 少女人形. But I soon realized that is just so not right. It’s high chance RD would go with a new plot for her. Having second thoughts, Alice is still having a storyline in -hisoka-… Maybe it’s a connection from it…?

For Futo, she’s a character who died and reborn as a hermit/shikaisen. During the reincarnation process, her memory was gone and completely became a new person in Gensoukyou. And also, a dream? Interesting… Have I mentioned nayuta’s voice is amazing? Her voice in the song delivers the fleeting vibe… Transient…

Spirited Away definitely continues the Sumireko’s storyline. This song doesn’t seem tragic as I expected earlier. The material of the song is stronger. Has Sumireko died? The last track told us that she’s in the hospital and still longing and finding the illusions… Well…

Yes, Marisa’s track is the highlighted one. RD has tweeted about she’s committing suicide… Her voice is cute and cheerful. The music is rushing too. It reminds me of げんきになったときのうた. At first it’s so delightful but it turns out dark as hell. 

So far, emergence is my favorite track so far. As for the music, Merami gives out her deep voice so well. This track gives me the impression.  I personally like Reimu and how RD puts her in the scenarios.

嘔吐、又。YES YES! nayuta’s voice shines in this track especially and throughout the album! Her strong voice and RD’s arrangement! I am screaming for it. Best track. This is the best track undoubtedly.

As for the title 忘らるる物語 (Forgotten Tale) has some relations to 忘れえぬ物語 (Unforgettable Tale) from  -utai- . Like, they are almost opposite in meaning and the title structures are almost the same. I once said that “whenever there is a Japanese Saga in an RD album, that album will turn out very good and haunting“. Three albums from RD have Japanese Saga that I’m so in love with it. This would be the fourth although the full album hasn’t come out yet.

Maybe I have written too much and somewhere I’ve gone off topic. That’s all I have to say about this album. I’m so excited for this. Comiket with even numbers are always so good. Thanks for reading this far. You could expect my event roundup post in a week! (That depends on how fast circles release their crossfades)

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