Diao ye zong’s album for Reitaisai 14 Announcement!

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Source: http://www.rd-sounds.com/reitai14.html

朝から夜から次の朝まで。その日に何がおきているのか? 様々な想像をめぐらせ、それらに思い至れるように…!

Title: Complying (manima)
Diao ye zong presents, a Touhou Multi Arrangment Album.
The theme is “Everyday Life”. We will pursue the activities of The Illusory Maidens in the Village.
From this morning to the next, to the next afternoon, what was going on that day? Look into your rich imagination, you will visualize it…!
14 songs in total. And then, once more, just like a breeze passes by…

Tựa đề: Tùy (Sự nương theo)
Diao ye zong xin gửi đến các bạn, một album gồm nhiều bản arrangement đến từ Touhou.
Chủ đề là “Cuộc sống thường nhật”. Chúng ta sẽ chạy theo những hoạt động của Ảo Tưởng Thiếu Nữ trong làng.
Từ buổi sáng này đến sáng hôm sau, rồi đến đêm hôm sau; ngày hôm đó, chuyện gì đã diễn ra? Hãy nhìn vào trí tưởng tượng đa dạng của bạn, rồi hình dung ra nó thôi…!
Tất cả 14 bài hát. Và rồi một lần nữa, hệt như cơn gió lạnh khẽ lướt qua…

Track List


“Kaze no Neiro”
“The Color of the Wind”
“Sắc màu của Gió”
Original title: Bibliophile with a Deciphering Eye


“Kyou mo Hajimaru”
“Today also begins”
“Hôm nay cũng bắt đầu”
Original title: Bibliophile with a Deciphering Eye


“Kizu to Manto to **rou”
“The Scar, the Cape and the Heart **”
“Vết sẹo, Tấm áo choàng và ** Tâm”
Original title: Dullahan Under the Willows


“Inosento Kuraudin Saido”

“Innocent Clouding Side”
“Vệt mây trắng xóa”
Original title: Faith Is for the Transient People

…春色小径 ~ Colorful Path

-14:00 ~ 14:29-
“Nani Iro Shoukei”
“Lane of Unknown Color”
“Lối đi vô sắc”
Original title: Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path

「『仲良し村の八人の仲間たち 』」
原作…蓬莱人形 ~ Dolls in Pseudo Paradise

-15:30 ~ 15:59-
” ‘Nakayoshi Mura no Hachinin no Nakamatachi’ “
” ‘Eight Friends of the Friendly Village’ “
” ‘Tám người bạn của Ngôi làng hiếu khách’ “
Based on Hourai Doll ~ Dolls in Pseudo Paradise
Narrator: Meramipop
Screenplay: RD-Sounds

「遺された名前 ―とおりかぞえうた―」

-18:00 ~ 18:29-
“Nokosareta Namae -Toori Kazoe Uta-“
“The name that was left behind -Flowing Counting Song-“
“Cái tên bị bỏ lại phía sau -Bài ca đếm số mờ ảo-“
Original title: Japanese Saga

…夜が降りてくる ~ Evening Star

-19:00 ~ 19:29-
“Senya Ichiya”
“One Thousand and One Nights”
“Thiên Dạ Nhất Dạ”
Original title: Night Falls ~ Evening Star


“Suupaa Sutaa Kometto Teiru”
“Superstar Comet Tail”
“Chiếc đuôi Thiên thạch của Siêu sao”
Original title: Love-coloured Master Spark


“Đàn châu chấu”
Original title: Futatsuiwa from Gensokyo

Vocal:nayuta / めらみぽっぷ

“Oorudo Mochiifu”
“Old Motif”
“Mô-típ cũ xưa”
Original title: Old Adam Bar
Vocal:nayuta & Meramipop

…芥川龍之介の河童 ~ Candid Friend

“Soreyuke Kappa Himitsu Sakusen”
“That’s the Classified Kappa Operation”
“Đó chính là Kế Sách Tuyệt Mật của Hà Đồng”
Original title: Akutagawa Ryuunosuke’s “Kappa” ~ Candid Friend


“Fuujin-ji Tsuge Rappa”
“Tell the time of the Wind God”
“Thốt lên Canh giờ của Phong Thần”
Original title: Wind God Girl


“Kaze no Yukue”
“Wherabouts of the Wind”
“Nơi mà cơn gió đến”
Original title: Bibliophile with a Deciphering Eye

Releska’s prediction was almost correct – that would be a DyZ album starring Kosuzu in the cover since she has her own theme (?) in Forbidden Scrollery.
Back on -tsutae-, nayuta only featured in one song. I think it’s her time to shine in -manima-
The theme is not so hard to understand. It’s rustic, simple. The album cover using the tone colors which make me feel like it is “vintage”. Yes, vintage. RD used the Chinese time measurements (you know, the 12 Chinese Zodiac). Thanks to Eiki, she provided me a link with specific information about this.
The demo is good,  I highly suggest you to check it out. There’s a special feature that is the “screenplay”. When I first listened to the crossfade, I noticed something. Not a song. It’s like someone is reading it. I’m not sure whether 15:30pm to 15:59pm is the time when people tell stories or what… I don’t know. That’s just my guess. We’ll soon find out when Reitaisai 14 comes~
I’m expecting to see this album will turn out as good as -utsutsu-~

Reference: http://www.freeml.com/bl/6168882/100452/

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